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Epoxol® 7-4
, is manufactured by ACS Technical Products.
Epoxol® 7-4 Specifications Epoxol® 7-4 Safety Data Sheet

Function of Epoxol® 7-4

The activity of Epoxol® 7-4 as a plasticizer acid scavenger and reaction chemical intermediate is due to its oxirane content (7% minimum), an average of 4-1/2 groups per molecule. It is capable of reacting with 4-1/2 equivalents of mineral acid, halogen acid, or carboxylic acid. The stronger and more corrosive the acid, the more rapidly it is deactivated by Epoxol® 7-4. The epoxy groups in Epoxol® 7-4 open in the presence of acids and chemically combine to form neutral esters of the acid present.
(Epoxol® 7-4 and its reaction products with acids are neutral.)


See "Epoxide Applications" page

Epoxol® 7-4 is a non-volatile, nonionic, nearly water white polyepoxide with virtually no odor or flavor. Typical properties include:
Oxirane Oxygen 7.0 - 7.5%
Iodine Value 1.0 - 3.0
Gardner Color Less than 1
Viscosity @ 25º C. 500 cps
Specific Gravity @ 25º / 25º C. 0.995
Functionality/Epoxy Molecule 4.5
Molecular Wt. (Approx.) 960

Soluble Insoluble
Acetone Water
Alcohol Hexane
Carbon Tetrachloride Mineral oil & other aliphatic hydrocarbons
Benzene and other aromatic hydrocarbons